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  • How to Get Your House Wired in an Emergency with a Generator

    This article is about wiring your house to use a generator in an emergency. With power out, and no water or sewer service available, many people are left without light and the ability to cook food. We will discuss how you can wire your house for these occasions by installing a transfer switch that will…

  • 2020 Year In Review – Outdoor Recreation Stuff

    This past year was full of challenges, but one thing that more people started doing this year was to get into the outdoors any way then could due to the various shutdowns caused by COVID-19. Here’s a list of cool items that the Avoiding Chores Community has been ordering in 2020 either via my Amazon…

  • Deep Dish Pizza In A Dutch Oven With Yippee IPA

    We try out a deep dish pizza using the cast iron dutch oven. We got two parts to this: the crust & toppings to prepare. I tried to get everything done in the dutch oven, but you’ll need a few bowls. The dough is pretty simple and can be made after you’ve lit the coals.

  • Heart Rate Training 101

    Heart Rate Training 101

    This will be updated with the latest information as the training plans have been tweaked since I last wrote this article. How I Got Into Heart Rate Training I’ve been using HR training while running for six years and been giving brief info talks on the subject to the running club. As a training tool,…