Friday Night Hangout – April 12 2013


0:15 Intro
1:40 What we are drinking tonight: Bridge Brewing Farmhouse, Gus 65, Garrison Citra one hop IPA
4:20 The only serious topic of the show – North Korea
6:30 Halifax Food truck update
11:35 Anchored Coffee sampled and it’s good
13:00 viewer comments
15:00 Cheese Curds and restaurant news in Halifax & Dartmouth
18:00 What we are drinking tonight
19:20 More local beer news
22:00 Viewer Comments
23:40 the BMW that was going 202 km/h in Amherst
25:00 Twitter music service launching this weekend and other twitter stuff
27:30 The Palace closed and no adult cared
30:30 New restaurants, Fid closing and OpenCity
32:20 Viewer Comments
33:30 More about Garrison Citra and our Beer Reviews
36:20 Splash and other reality TV
37:30 The Fractal Antenna….FIGHT
40:40 We also have an audio only podcast of the show
41:40 10 Worst computers
46:30 Viewer Comments
48:30 Bridge Brewing Expanded Hours!
51:30 Nova Scotia Tourism Visitor Guide
52:50 The Masters
57:35 The Snow is here!
58:35 Viewer Comments
59:30 RBC and skilled labour
1:01:40 Viewer Comments


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