Friday Night Hangout – April 19 2013


Show Topics

  1. What we are drinking tonight
  2. Bridge Brewing latest offering – LIVE REVIEW
  3. Chaos in Boston
  4. Message in a Bottle
  5. Garrison Brewing Citra, Sugar Moon & Water treatment
  6. Rita McNeil
  7. Weather website rebrand
  8. Propeller Brewing Cask Night
  9. Big Spruce ramps up
  10. New app for icelanders
  11. Twitter #music is launched
  12. Boxing Rock Beer continues the prep


0:26 Intro
1:51 What we are drinking tonight – Bridge Brewing Dark Belgian, Propeller Porter, Garrison Hop Yard, Rum & Coke, Propeller Double IPA
5:10 Crazy stuff in Boston this week
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13:00 Bridge Brewing Dark Belgian 1st round
14:30 Message in a bottle sent from NS, found in Europe 28 Years later
17:41 Viewer Comments
20:34 Bridge Brewing Dark Belgian 2nd round
23:00 Garrison Citra some impressions
26:53 jim does a weird story about Bobdintons and Ottawa
28:25 Water rates affecting beer brewers in Halifax
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39:04 Rita MacNeil died this week
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50:53 Environment Canada website rebranding
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1:04:20 Propeller Brewing Cask Night
1:06:40 Big Spruce Brewing and the wooden monkey event
1:10:30 Boxing Rock Brewing in Ontario
1:12:20 Bridge Brewing Dark Belgian 3rd Round
1:15:50 Iceland app to not hook up with your cousin
1:18:10 Twitter #music app and music discovery
1:26:30 Viewer Comments


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