Friday Night Hangout – April 26 2013

Show Topics

  1. What we are drinking tonight
  2. Halifax Mooseheads in QMJHL playoffs
  3. Terror plot foiled in Toronto & Montreal
  4. Bedford Squirrel Lady
  5. Who takes the train?
  6. Avalon sexual centre flooded with calls
  7. OpenCity coming to Halifax – 90 sites
  8. oTENTniks in Parks Canada
  9. Mormon with samurai sword
  10. 6/49 tickets goes up in price


0:19 Intros
1:49 What we are drinking tonight – Fullers London Porter, Garrison PiLS, Bridge Brewing Dark Belgian, Propeller Bitter, Garrison Rye’d IPA
3:38 Halifax Mooseheads QMJHL playoffs
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9:37 Toronto vs Montreal playoffs
10:17 Terror plot foiled by our Mounties
14:06 Bedford Squirrel Lady
16:15 Viewer Comments
18:47 Avalon Centre and volunteer demand
20:51 What we are drinking tonight – part 2
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27:15 Parks Canada adds 100 oTENTik sites and more activities
30:42 Jim is having reception problems, fractal antenna not working?
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37:04 Twitter as your local news source or news in general?
40:30 Mormon with a Samurai sword
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49:35 6/49 price increase REVOLT!!
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57:20 iTunes is 10 years old
1:01:00 Remember the MiniDisc?
1:02:05 New XBOX coming
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