Friday Night Hangout – Feb 8 2013

Another Live show is being planned for this friday, and we have a few things to talk about!


Show Topics

  1. What are we drinking?
  2. The smoking MacNeils
  3. Anne of Green Gables gets a makeover
  4. The fun that Senators have
  5. One last RIM job Blackberry joke 
  6. The exodus to Alberta continues
  7. Finding Nemo Nor’Easter
  8. Usual jibba jabba
  9. What we are working on


0:15 Intros
1:30 What we are drinking tonight
2:55 The smoking MacNeils, the talk of Mabou
7:05 Drama on PEI, what else is new?
7:20 Anne of Green Gables – OUTRAGED!!
11:32 Mike Duffy is in some trouble
15:26 Viewer comments
16:55 What about the other senator in trouble?
20:50 One last RIM joke
28:45 Viewer comments
30:09 EMS techs moving to Alberta
38:15 Viewer Comments
39:10 Nor’Easter BLIZZARD OF 2013
41:50 Are we gonna get White Juan 2?
43:05 Viewer comments
46:50 Crowncap fur hat is warm
48:53 Mr.T is on social media!
50:00 Hal-Con Sci Fi Convention
50:40 Made in NS – UPDATE
54:40 Viewer comments
56:10 What we are working on


How You can Interact With Us

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  • Comment on the Youtube page
  • Send us a tweet

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