Friday Night Hangout – Jan 11 2013

Join us Friday, January 11 2013 for our Friday Night Hangout where the avoiding chores crew chat about a few topics while drinking a beer or other substance.

The hangout will appear on this page around 9:30PM AST (Halifax time), or 8:30 PM Eastern.

2nd attempt at a weekly Friday night hangout to shoot the breeze.

0:40 How you can interact with us
1:17 Hangout powered by Propeller Russian Imperial Stout & Pilsner
1:50 Food & Beer Pairing Event at Ratianud
3:40 1st course Lardon & Confit Pastry with Pilsner
5:00 We have a beer review fan!
5:30 2nd course was fish & chips paired with Bitter
7:25 3rd course tartiflette paired with IPA
10:20 Final course 18 hour slow cooked Pork rib sout-vide paired with Russian Imperial Stout
12:40 Greater exposure with Propeller beer and appreciation
15:10 Propeller expanding capacity along with Garrison
15:45 Bridge Brewing soft launch very soon
16:27 Viewer comment time!
17:50 Quick chat with Garrison brewmaster, Comet One Hop IPA, Spruce beer & 15th Cocoa & Vanilla
23:50 More viewer comments
24:30 Cracked Canoe adventure (check in links sections)
25:20 NSLC tries to shut down wine & beer kit stores
32:30 Halifax Skating Oval
37:37 Food truck news- Nomad Gourmet changes location
39:20 More Viewer Comments
41:45 Dangerous ice thickness for lakes & ponds
43:20 Attending Podcamp Halifax next week
50:25 Big storm in Newfoundland
52:40 Todd got a Samsung S3
57:00 More viewer comments!
1:00:00 Whiskey talk!
1:18:00 what’s coming up on our channels
1:23:00 New Garmin GPS and who cares about whereigo