Friday Night Hangout – January 10 2014

Show Topics

  • What we are drinking tonight
  • Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is still a Canuck. What’s taking so long to renounce his citizenship?(link)
  • Moonshine Kills 16 in Indonesia (link)
  • Run Run Shaw, film mogul who popularized kung fu genre, dies at 107 (link)
  • Former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer says aliens have been visiting the Earth for 1,000s of years.(link)
  • Maritime Beer report
  • Dennis Rodman Defends North Korean ‘Basketball Diplomacy’ (Link)
  • Train carrying crude oil derails in New Brunswick town (link)
  • 2 H1N1 flu cases reported in Nova Scotia (link)
  • A quarter of British and Canadian businesses want their data taken out of U.S (link)






0 responses to “Friday Night Hangout – January 10 2014”

  1. Ewart Avatar

    I’ve had moonshine, but legit stuff from Kentucky (licensed distillers). The backwoods stuff is a bit too scary to attempt.
    Still have some in the beer fridge. Not sure I will EVER get to it considering how GREAT it was the first time. Also have a jar of cherries in moonshine. Very curious to check that out, but beer owns my liver (except for the next 2 weeks).

  2. Ewart Avatar

    Embarassing? The Worm may be the worst pick but in a way I appreciate the effort. He is trying to relive 1971 (the US-China ping-pong diplomacy effort). That event actually went over well and Nixon road the coattails in. 
    Who knows. Maybe Dennis is paving the road (or blowing it up) for Obama and that little dictator shit to get together.

    Hey, I’m a glass half full kind of guy I guess.

  3. Ewart Avatar

    I always get the flu shot and drag my kids to get it as well. Part of it is risk, part of it is helping them overcome the fear of needles. They are coming around and its getting easier each year. Now if I could get the wife to overcome her fear. Sheesh.

    Knock on wood, our house has stayed healthy all winter long.