Friday Night Hangout -September 20 2013

Show Topics

  • What we are drinking tonight
  • DHX buys teletubbies for 28 million
  • CBC sports guy John Hancock got fleeced by shady investor
  • Music @ Squiggle Park gets donations to bring in more performers?
  • Facebook ad showing Rahteah headhsot
  • Maritime Beer Moment
  • Sasquach Sightings mapped out over 92 years
  • GTA V is out?
  • Clown from “IT” is scaring people in Northampton?
  • BlackBerry releases new Z30 smartphone? and maybe 40% layoffs
  • Halifax to look again at sleepovers in public parks
  • Clearwater’s MacDonald slams continuing challenge of high air cargo rates in region?
  • NDP have police look into Anonymous email warning. police close the investigation?
  • Ottawa Train / Bus accident
  • homeless man returns 40,000.00 and now online campaign raised over 50,000 for him?
  • and more!



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