#FridayNightHangout – April 11 2014

Join us by grabbing a drink and go over some of the news items from the past week with the panel. This is an interactive #hangoutsonair where we take viewer comments via YouTube, google+, twitter and https://avoidingchores.com


  • What we are drinking tonight
  • Wrestling legend the Ultimate Warrior dies aged 54
  • Halifax woman’s Mexi Mac ’n’ Cheese Bites wins Recipe to Riches $250,000 grand prize. http://ow.ly/vo1ji
  • New Yarmouth ferry expected to arrive next week, ahead of May launch http://ow.ly/vBuXj
  • NS MLAs eligible for pension after serving 2 years rather than 5 AND 2 terms
  • Canada Revenue Agency Shuts Down NetFile
  • Maritime Beer Report
  • Man charged in theft of Halifax church bells | News957 http://ow.ly/vEi2j
  • CBC to cut 657 jobs, will no longer compete for pro sports rights http://cbc.ca/1.2605504