Garmin Connect How to Create a Workout

In this video, we will create two workouts from Garmin Connect that you can then transfer to your forerunner unit.

First example will be to create a simple interval training workout: 10 minutues of running followed by 1 minute walk break. We want to repeat this 3 times and include a warm up & cool down.

We do the following:
– Create a workout from Garmin Connect
– Give it a short name (since this is what will be displayed on your forerunner)
– Create a step

Here you have a number of choices, but lets focus on the interval workout step.

– Set duration type to TIME, and set to 10 minutes
– Don’t set a target

After that, you want to create a walk break step, same process as above but this time select 1 minute. Note that REST won’t be counted in your history, use RECOVERY if you want your walk break to count towards your workout.

Now, you either repeat these step until your have reps, or you can create a repeat block and set the two step to repeat 3 times (if we were going for a 30 min run).

– Create a repeat block
– Click and Drag your steps into it

From here you can add a warm up or cool down step outside of the repeat step.

The second example is to create your long run using heart rate training. Here you do the same thing, but for your interval step, you just select distance and set a target for your heart rate (you’ll need to have this already setup in Garmin Connect)

Save your workout and you can either send it to your calendar or to your device.