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  • How To Create A Running Course When Using Garmin Connect and iPhone

    ** GET THE GEAR ON AMAZON** In this video, I’ll show you how to create a 5k running course or route by using your smartphone and Garmin Connect mobile app. Lets say that we are going on a business trip to Boston and need to do a 5k run while there. Generate Route From Garmin […]

  • Garmin Connect – How To Create a 10&1 Interval Workout On Your iPhone

    In this video I’ll show you how to create a custom workout using the garmin connect smartphone app for Iphone and Android. Make sure you have the September 2017 update for this to work. Previously we had to create custom workouts for our forerunner via the desktop garmin connect but with the latest update, we […]

  • Garmin Connect How to Create a Workout

    In this video, we will create two workouts from Garmin Connect that you can then transfer to your forerunner unit. First example will be to create a simple interval training workout: 10 minutues of running followed by 1 minute walk break. We want to repeat this 3 times and include a warm up & cool […]

  • How to Set up Heart Rate Training Zones Using Garmin Connect

    Quick overview on how to setup your personal profile for heart rate training zones for your garmin forerunner 205,305, 405 or 310. Here, we just need to enter our date of birth and resting heart rate. The interface will do all of the calculations for us. Once done, the next time we sync our device, […]