Garmin inReach Messenger vs ZOLEO Feature Comparison- Tracking Mapshare vs Location Share+

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In our series of deep dive comparison between ZOLEO and Garmin inReach Messenger; we will be comparing Mapshare vs Location Share+

Both features allows you to enable tracking of your ZOLEO or nReach Messenger that your contacts can follow without the need of sending messages. The main use case is that you are on a long journey without service and you want specific contacts to see your progress without waiting for you to send a message. For example, if you were attempting the Appalachian Trail or travelling to remote locations. Both will allow you to specify the timing interval when to send a tracking or location point. These tracks are not meant to be as accurate as a GPS track.

For inReach, this feature uses the TRACKING function along with the MAPSHARE website that you will share the URL to those who want to view your location. Keep in mind that MAPSHARE is a publically accessible website so you need to make sure you have the settings on it defined the way you want, otherwise anybody could look at your tracks, send you messages (counts against your plan) and even request your location when you are not tracking or sharing to Mapshare.

In order to adjust MAPSHARE settings you will log into the Garmin Explore website and go to the SOCIAL tab or you can use the Garmin Messenger smartphone app to adjust the settings.

ZOLEO on the other hand leverages the ZOLEO smartphone app, so that only those who download the app and part of the 5 contacts you’ve defined to receive Location Share+ locations will receive it. This allows you to save time as you are not sharing a URL or adjust any other settings as the feature starts out as being private and you decide who to share your location to. ZOLEO Location Share+ also has the option to allow you to display when you are not moving.

While inReach will stop sending your location is you have not moved within a certain radius for an interval, ZOLEO offers more information about your stops. This helps viewers of your track to see when and how long you stopped. This can be valuable information if people expect you to reach certain milestones but can see on the map that you have not moved.

Also ZOLEO Location Share+ is an add-on feature, meaning that you will need to login into the ZOLEO portal and add this to your plan. You can remove it anytime.

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