• ZOLEO Inc. and Global Rescue Companies Partner Up – Ditches Garmin Owned GEOS(IERCC)

    ZOLEO Inc. and Global Rescue Companies Partner Up – Ditches Garmin Owned GEOS(IERCC)

    Introduction ZOLEO Inc. and Global Rescue Companies have partnered to provide a cutting-edge emergency communication and rescue service. Their innovative technology and expertise have resulted in an unparalleled system that enables individuals and organizations to communicate and receive emergency assistance from anywhere in the world. This article will delve into the unique features of the […]

  • Garmin inReach Messenger vs ZOLEO Feature Comparison- Tracking Mapshare vs Location Share+

    Garmin inReach Messenger vs ZOLEO Feature Comparison- Tracking Mapshare vs Location Share+

    In our series of deep dive comparison between ZOLEO and Garmin inReach Messenger; we will be comparing Mapshare vs Location Share+ Both features allows you to enable tracking of your ZOLEO or nReach Messenger that your contacts can follow without the need of sending messages. The main use case is that you are on a […]

  • Garmin inReach Messenger vs ZOLEO – Subscription Plan Value & Cost of Ownership

    One of things that we often forget when considering buying a satellite messaging device like the ZOLEO or recently released Garmin inReach Messenger is that there’s a subscription plan associated which might inflate your total investment into either device. It is important then to find the best value in terms of subscription plan as these […]

  • Garmin inReach Messenger VS ZOLEO Deep Dive Messaging

    In this first deep dive comparison between the Garmin inReach Messenger and the ZOLEO Satellite Communicator is the primary function both units try to improve on; messaging experience. We’ll be focusing on the messaging functions on both smartphone apps. How ZOLEO Introduced Messaging Flexibility Before we start our deep dive, lets go back to what […]

  • ZOLEO November 2022 Firmware Update & New Weather Provider

    ZOLEO sent an email blast to its users this week alerting them of an upcoming update to the ZOLEO App version 4.1.5 to be available on November 2 2022. What’s In The New ZOLEO App Update? First thing, the ZOLEO app for your smartphone will be updated to version 4.1.5 from the current 3.1.5. You’ll […]

  • Garmin inReach Messenger How-To Tutorials

    In the fall of 2022, Garmin released a direct competitor to the ZOLEO Satellite Communicator with the Garmin inReach Messenger. This new inReach model focuses on messaging rather than be integrated with GPS navigation functions. With the focus on messaging, the Garmin inReach Messenger requires the Messenger smartphone app and a valid Garmin Explore account […]

  • Garmin Launches inReach Messenger To Compete With ZOLEO

    It was a matter of time until we would see how Garmin would respond to the ZOLEO Satellite Communicator. While Garmin has been very busy integrating the inReach technology into various GPS frame, there is something to be said about the simple puck design with core inputs and associated smartphone app. The Garmin inReach Messenger […]

  • ZOLEO Improves SOS With Step By Step Updates

    It’s spring and that means an update from ZOLEO is on its way. I got alerted across all my social channels this week on the news of the new Progressive SOS feature along with a system update for the ZOLEO device. ZOLEO Progressive SOS Updates The new Progressive SOS feature provides ongoing status updates when […]

  • How Does Iridium Satellite Communications Work When Using the Garmin inReach and Zoleo for Communicating With Family and Friends

    With the increase in popularity of outdoor activities, Garmin and Zoleo have made it easier to stay connected with friends and family. Satellite communication devices like the Garmin inReach mini and embedded products and Zoleo Satellite communicator can now send text messages, GPS locations, SOS alerts for emergencies, as well as tracking data from these […]

  • inReach Mapshare versus ZOLEO Location Share+

    In this video, I’ll be doing a deep dive comparison between the inReach Mapshare feature versus the Location Share+ feature on ZOLEO satellite communicator. I’ll be looking at the portal settings for both along with how each of the smartphone apps (Earthmate va ZOLEO) handles this functionality. Mapshare vs Location Share+ Mapshare was a feature […]