Garrison Brewing + Beau’s Natural = Sweet Rye’d

Got my hands on the latest seasonal from Garrison with special collaboration with Beaus Natural from Ontario. Beaus came to this year’s Halifax Beer on the Pier and mixed up their Bog Myrtle with the complex brew that Garrison was preparing.

Bog Myrtle was used in Northern Europe before hops too their place. It has an interesting flavour profile. This is a 6.0% ABV, I wasn’t sure if this was an American or German Rye styled beer. I’m trying this beer warm.

Appearance: Nice deep amber or copper color with white head with a bit of retention around the glass.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: you get the Rye smell off the bat, maybe a bit of zest and/or clove in there.

Flavour: Initial sweetness, which doesn’t appear to be the malt, could be the bog myrtle. It’s a bit spicy, reminds me of yagermester. Caramel aftertaste. Boggy, herbal, pepper. zest, floral. It’s pretty complex.

Mouthfeel: medium mouthfeel, moderate dryness, not much bitterness even though it’s hopped. Smooth finish. Surprisingly not as bitter consider the number of hops added (see spec sheet)

Overall: for 6%, I get a bit of a alcohol burn, on top of being a really complex beer for what Garrison has done in the past. I think they did a pretty good job with this one.

Read more about the beer from Garrison and here’s a link to cool folks at Beau’s.