Garrison Brewing Jalapeno Beer



We take a sample to a popular brew from Garrison – Jalapeno Ale

This is a light and spicy bree that would go great with BBQ, or other spicy meals. Nice deep golden color, you can smell a hint of pepper. Take a sip and the heat only comes on after you swallowed and it’s a nice deep kind of heat.

Unique in the Maritimes (and anywhere north of Santa Fe!), our Jalapeño Ale will cool you down and warm you up at the same time. Our refreshing light ale is loaded with Jalapeño, Habanero, Scotch Bonnet and Jamaican Hot Peppers to create a truly unusual brew. This beer is great for lovers of all things hot & spicy, and a killer secret weapon in the kitchen and on the grill. 4.6% ABV.

Bitterness: low – med
Malts: 2-row pale, caramel, dextrin
Hops: Fuggle, Pilgrim
IBUs: 21
OG: 1.045
ABV: 4.6%