Garrison Brewing – Spruce Beer

The First Batch

Was lucky enough to get my hands on a bottle of Spruce Beer from Garrison. This was a small production run. The batch was in high demand and they sold out within two days. This video shows my experience. The spruce taste reminded me of when I had to go into the woods and smelling the freshly cut trees that my grandfather cut. Being a 7.5% strong ale, this sits heavy in your tummy afterwards.

It reminds me a lot of Garrison’s Winter Warmer. Overall, this is a very good seasonal brew. Too bad there is none left.

2011 Edition

We review the most controversial beer that Garrison makes: the spruce beer!

Last year, this sold out within 2 days. This year (2011), they did 2 batches. The first batch sold out under 24 hours shortly before christmas and the second batch came out around new year’s. I found that they made some minor changes compared to the 2010. I found it to be rich, smooth & complex with the spruce coming at the end.

The dark rusty color is appealing and being a 7.5% beer, it didn’t feel heavy. The 2nd batch requires a little more aging in the bottles. As of february 2012, if you were to try a bottle from the 2nd batch, it would taste very close to the ist 2011 batch.

People either love or hate this type of beer, but I personally love it. Support local More about Garrison’s seasonal brews

North America’s oldest beer style brewed with local Spruce & Fir tips, blackstrap molasses and dates. Dark amber and brown colouring. Aroma is a comforting mix of spruce boughs, caramel malts, molasses and dates. Complex and full-bodied, it balances the crisp bitterness of spruce and fir gum with the warming flavours of molasses and bittersweet chocolate.

Bitterness: Medium Malts: Pale, Dark Crystal & Roasted malts, oat flakes, dates, molasses & spruce and fir tips Hops: Citra IBU’s 35 ABV 7.5%