Garrison & Phillips Brewing Mash Up Belgian IPA



OC and I decided to visit Clam Harbour Provincial Beach and find one of the many secluded beaches to do our latest quick beer review from Garrison Brewing.

This is the first of their mash up series, teaming up with phillips brewing from Victoria, BC.

This is a 7% brew, with a beautiful orange/tan color. At first, it reminded me of the hop yard ale, but the citrus flavors and metallic/spruce finish makes this a smoother beer.

Just including the press release….

HALIFAX, NS — Garrison Brewing has announced the launch of Mash-Up Series, a new series of beers created in collaboration with other breweries.

The first in the series, Mash-Up Belgian IPA, was brewed on June 24th when Matt Phillips of Phillips Brewing (Victoria, BC) was in Halifax and stopped by the Garrison brewhouse.

From the press release:

Belgian IPA is a seriously hoppy golden strong ale that marries the newer American IPA style with the more traditional Belgian Triple. The two breweries developed a joint recipe, contributing yeast, hop varieties and techniques to produce something truly unique.

In addition to being the inaugural Mash-Up brew, the beer is also serving as a memorial for Colin Allin, Garrison’s long-time graphic designer, who died on July 3rd as a result of a gunshot wound suffered during a robbery last month at his home in Nicaragua. A dollar from each bottle sold will be donated to Allin’s family to help with expenses, and an annual award will be established in his name at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD) to help aspiring design students.

Garrison/Phillips Mash-Up Belgian IPA will be available later this week at the Garrison brewery store, and in select private liquor stores in Halifax.