How To Get Weather Forecast Using Iridium GO!

We can download the weather forecast using the Iridium GO! and the Iridium Mail smartphone app by selecting your current location or nearest airport weather station.

First we get our Iridium GO! outside and with a clear view of the sky. We can start an internet call by pressing on the device INTERNET | YES.

Next we use our smartphone, here we are using an iPhone 5s which is in airport mode, and turn on wifi. We should be able to find the IRIDIUM hotpot name and connect to it.

Now we’ll open the Iridium Mail app and go to SETTINGS | WEATHER

First thing is to go into LOCATIONS and here is where we can enable or disable our current location or add a nearby airport.

Tap the + symbol to add a new location, here we can use a text filter to select a preloaded airport.

Once done with the weather station location, you can go back and specify the weather units to your preference. Here we’ve kept the default settings and switched the temperature to Celsius.

Now we are ready to download the weather forecast. We can confirm we still have an internet call active by tapping into CONNECTION and verifying this.

Finally we can now go to WEATHER from the home page and tap CONNECT to start a call and download the weather forecast.