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  • ZOLEO November 2022 Firmware Update & New Weather Provider

    ZOLEO sent an email blast to its users this week alerting them of an upcoming update to the ZOLEO App version 4.1.5 to be available on November 2 2022. What’s In The New ZOLEO App Update? First thing, the ZOLEO app for your smartphone will be updated to version 4.1.5 from the current 3.1.5. You’ll…

  • How To Get Weather Forecast Using Iridium GO!

    We can download the weather forecast using the Iridium GO! and the Iridium Mail smartphone app by selecting your current location or nearest airport weather station. First we get our Iridium GO! outside and with a clear view of the sky. We can start an internet call by pressing on the device INTERNET | YES.

  • Weather Forecasting Using Your GPS Barometer

    Weather Forecasting Using Your GPS Barometer

    We will look at how you can use the barometer sensor in your GPS device to help you do a little bit of weather forecasting while out in the wilderness. If you have a recent GPS device with an electronic compass, odds are that you also have an Altimeter-Barometer. Which mean that you probably can…