Keen Clearwater CNX Sandal Review

Finally got around to give you a review of KEEN’s latest line of sandals. The CNX line joins the minimalist trend as with other shoe companies and has a few offerings. I opted to get one of two different sandals and using an older pair of Newport as comparison.

The Rundown

Right off the bat, the webbing, bungee lace & toe protection is very comparable to the Newport, but the difference lies with the bottom, which is only 4mm and only 8.4 oz in weight.

As with other minimalist shoes, you have a good feel for the ground or trail but have some support. Its reduced profile also makes it a better for paddling activities than the bulkier sandals and it dries up faster I found than the Newport. I found the tread to be as effective as the Newport and had no problems hiking in them over easy terrain.

I found these to be perfect for camp, shorter walks, around the house and long drives. The reduced bulk makes it easier to pack or stow away. Sandals are machine washable. Around the same price as the regular Newport sandals, I would take a look at this first depending on what you’ll be using this for.

How To Order Online – Sizing

I ordered online via the KEEN website and the fit guide was bang on. If you already wear KEEN, then this won’t be a problem.

How Did They Hold Up?

It’s now fall 2016 and I still have these sandals after 3 years. They have help very well and just now showing signs of wear on the sole. I’ve used these sandals for camp, kayaking and the beach. The mix of fresh & salt water has not degraded the material and the colors have not faded much since I got them out of the box. Would I buy the Keen Clearwater CNX sandal again? Yes.