Louis Gaborit Maple Beer

We try a beer from an island just north of Quebec City; Brasserie l’Ile d’Orleans, in the middle of the St-Laurence River.

This is a 9% Maple Strong Ale. What we found was that the maple taste was not as strong as say Garrison Sugar Moon Maple. I want to say that it tasted like boozed up McDonald’s syrup packs. But it may be the maple sugar refinement process, but I do taste the difference between Nova Scotia & Quebec maple.

At first, it’s a very easy, smooth beer. Watery start then caramel, malt and maple.

However, as we got to the botom of the bottle, we felt that the maple sweetness and sugar was getting to be a little too much. If you can polish off a bottle, then good for you, but I doubt you will start a second bottle.

This would work great as a dessert beer in the spring or winter.