Nine Mile River Trail

Lovely wooded trails along Nine Mile River. It is a lovely trail under wooded canopy with several boardwalks over wet areas. There are maps at the junctions and the trails are fairly well marked.

Decided to take a hike along the Nine Mile River trail system. This is a few minutes beyond the Halifax International Airport, the parking lot and trail map offers a number of stacked loops. While in reality, only a few of the trails were officially built.

Some old loggin, or cart roads are visible, but you don’t know if it’s an official trail or not. So it’s best to stick on the well used trail which should provide a few hours of hiking. The trail itself varies from well worn, to boardwalk to footpath. The main trail is well marked and trail maps are posted. But keep in mind that many trails are under development. Popular with mountain bikeers, this is a multi-use trail. Dog are supposed to be leashed but depending when you visit you’ll be the only users. Terrain is easy to moderate.

On the return, we ran into a couple who were collecting wild mushrooms we took a peek into their basket.