North Brewing – Halifax Common

Hey! We’re trying out the latest from North Brewing (formerly Bridge Brewing) here in Halifax Nova Scotia.

This is their take on the California Common, called the halifax common. This is a 5% ABV beer.

California Common can be classified as a Amber Hybrid with Achor Steam being the most common example used for this style. I am expecting North’s version to be amber to copper color, with earth & minty aroma & flavour. Malty & hoppy for a clean & dry finish. Somewhat similar to an American Pale Ale but earthy, not citrus.

Color: More dark straw to Golden color. Actually I like the looks of this, also cloudy.
Aroma: Zesty, maybe a bit of cumin smell with a hit of fruit.
Flavour: Spice, malt with hop dryness, maybe a bit of that lager aftertaste, could it be from the yeast used? No mint, but spice makes up for it.
Mouthfeel: Medium mouthfeel, not like a saison. This has a bit more weight to it. Moderate dryness at the end, crisp finish. Nothing overbearing, very nice.

I think this would go great with a pad thai, seafood that kind of thing only due to the spice flavour. I ended up liking this one a lot. Well done to the gang at North Brewing.