Propeller Brewing – Revolution RIS

We take a look at one of the best beer produced by Propeller, and that is their Russian Imperial Stout. We used a Guinness in order to compare.

While some may consider Guinness dark enough for their tastes, this Russian Imperial Stout should be of interest of anybody who likes either dark chocolate, coffee & a little alcohol burn.

Even on this cold winter day -2C, this is a beer that can still pack a aroma punch even when served extra cold, unlike the Guinness who seems to fade off. This is probably Propeller’s best brewed beer and with their recent expansion, should be able to see this on shelves for longer periods of time rather than a short seasonal.

Tasting Notes:

When looking at the BCJP 13F

Aroma: a full range from roasted malts, hops and alcohol. Dark chocolate, coffee are dominant.

Color: This is jet black, beige head with nice set of thick of bubbles.

Mouthfeel: full bodies, it feels thick, moderate cabonization. Smooth finish with some alcohol burn.

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IBU’s- 60 Hops- Warrior, Cascade. Malts- Pale, Crystal, Roasted and Chocolate. Water- Soft Colour- 58.4°L