St Ambroise 2011 Vintage Aged 2 Years


We are trying out the 2011 St Ambroise Vintage ale which has been stored for over a year in Jocelyn’s closet. It will interesting to see how it compares to the 2011 we tried last year. You get a strong smell of fermated fruit, rumcake which is very pleasant. Amazingly smooth beer, lot of complex flavors. yeast, fruit, etc…. There is a lot going on with this.

Since they make this every year, grab a few extra bottles and just store it for at least a year. You won’t be sorry.


From their website:

Brewed just once a year, St-Ambroise Vintage Ale has earned a bushed of international medals and praise. Its masterful blend of barley and wheat malts includes Munich malt, giving the unfiltered beer an appealing orange glow and superb malty flavour. You’ll love its notes of caramelized fruit, evoking memories of plum pudding, and refreshing hoppy finish.

Type – Extra Strong Ale
Hops – cascade, golding
IBU – 58
Serve – 13 °C — 15 °C
10% ABV