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  • Popov Leather EDC Pocket Armour Review

    tldr; Great hand made leather product from Nelson, BC. Perfect office EDC to hold your folding swiss army knife and pen. Lots of leather and thread colors to choose from. Great gift item along with knife & pen, super customizable.   When I got the itch to try to make some leather craft (mainly to…

  • Solar Kit For Your Day Pack

    We will take a look at a solar EDC kit good for outdoors, urban & travel situations. Now I’m sure lots of you have solar panels and battery packs, but we don’t talk about the system around them often. If we do, it’s within an emergency context.

  • CRKT Key Chain Sharpener – Product Review

    CRKT Key Chain Sharpener – Product Review

    We take a quick look at a recent addition to my pocket EDC key chain and the CRKT Key Chain Sharpener tool. Ranging between 15-18$, this is 3.375 inches in length with nylon handles for your fingers and comes with 4 tools: bottle cap opener, sharpener, webbing cutter & flat head screw driver.

  • What Do You Carry For a 2 Hour Hike?

    What do you put in your pack for a two hour hike?

  • Spyderco and CRKT Folding Knives Review

    In this latest hangout with fellow youtuber dragonfly_hiker, we take a look at the latest folding knives we have and that we use as an Every Day Carry (EDC).