What Do You Carry For a 2 Hour Hike?

What do you put in your pack for a two hour hike?

Answering a request from a follower, asking to see more of my gear that I haul when I go out. Great topic, so I encourage viewers to add comments about their 2 hour pack gear list.

So today, I was out in a day-use provincial park with the dog, so the items that I have with me would be the base for longer outing. Now, I did forget some water, but again, I had planned for 2 hours.


The items I had with me were:

  1. Tilley Hat
  2. Buff headwear
  3. Outer layer (based on weather)
  4. iPhone smartphone
  5. Folding Knife
  6. Bic lighter
  7. Compass
  8. Safety Whistle
  9. Fire Starter
  10. Notepad & Pencil
  11. 30 litre day pack
  12. Garmin GPS


What is ALWAYS in my pack: lighter, compass & safety whistle. Everything else will depend on the outing and weather conditions.