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  • 72 hour emergency kit for home or car

    Everyone should have a 72-hour emergency kit. It is an essential part of being ready for emergencies that may happen at any time. Whether you are at home or in the car, it is important to be prepared for anything life can throw your way. This blog post will give you three-day emergency kits ideas […]

  • How to Get Your House Wired in an Emergency with a Generator

    This article is about wiring your house to use a generator in an emergency. With power out, and no water or sewer service available, many people are left without light and the ability to cook food. We will discuss how you can wire your house for these occasions by installing a transfer switch that will […]

  • How Did Our Emergency Kit Fair In The Bomb Cyclone of 2018

    Happy New Year! Get ready for a good old fashioned Nor’ Easter Winter Storm or blizzard the first week of 2018. Note quite what I was expecting this winter season. It’s been very cold in our region of Halifax Nova Scotia. Knowing that the jet stream will determine if we will get rain or snow […]

  • Preparing A Family Emergency Evacuation Kit

    A deadly and busy 2017 Atlantic hurricane season  so far (Harvey, Irma, Maria) has kept us glued to the TV. At one point, my wife looks at me and asked “So, what’s our plan”? I answered that I’ll get back to her. Traditionally our organized camping gear was the usual answer IF we were stuck […]

  • Field Communications With A Ham or Amateur Radio Portable Kit With J-Pole Base Station

    Before smartphones and LTE towers were the norm; your options for communications while hiking were limited. Basically you would go for your Ham Radio or Amateur radio certificate (call sign) and prepare a communications kit. Now with new technology like satellite communicators like garmin (delorme) inreach and spot, you save a lot of space in […]

  • Emergency Communication Kit For Home Or Outdoors

    Hurricane Season and Other Weather Events Do you have your emergency communication kit for home ready? Out here along the Eastern coastline, we got to deal with hurricane season. Despite what you may think from watching CNN or the Weather Channel, once a hurricane passes Boston, it’s heading right at me, being based in Nova […]