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  • Slow Cooked Stout Braised Lamb Shanks in Dutch Oven

    Now this is a killer dish for your  12 inch Lodge dutch oven. It’s a low & slow braised lamb shanks using a stout beer to really bring out the qualities of the lamb. For the beer, I used Picaroon’s Timber Hog, but don’t worry the stout won’t make this a heavy dish at all.

  • Picaroons – Yippee IPA

    Picaroons – Yippee IPA

    We try one of the many varieties from Picaroons that is not available in Nova Scotia. We were quite impressed by it as compared to the other IPA we’ve have recently. If you passing thru New Brunswick any NB Liquor location should have plenty of Picaroons to choose from and finding Yippee IPA is great.