TCHUKÉ Brasserie Broadway




Another brew brought to us by from viewer Annie. Now this a Belgian style beer, which is supposed to taste like marmalade. But I smelled just barley, but maybe with some citrius taste. On the taste, very spicy more nutmeg than clove. It has some tartness, along with the tartness, it balances out nicely.

This is from Brasserie Broadway in Shawinigan in Quebec.

Rugged warmth by alcohol, with its gentle curves, this beer style Belgian triple, warms and soothes while refreshing its small citrus acidity. Drink with moderation.

Brewed from a large amount of 2-row malted barley and malted wheat. Infused Multilevel Flavoured English and Czech coriander and curacao hops. Fermented with a Belgian yeast.

7% alc high fermentation, Belgian Triple Type