Two Days Of Side by Side Trail Riding In Mersey Bowater Nova Scotia

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After Christmas, the weather got cold for a few days, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to get out and do two days of riding with the side by side up in the Mersey Bowater.

Day one – Pipeline Road Side Trails

Went solo up on pipeline road, starting from Mersey bowater road off of route 3. Here I spent a few hours adding waypoints to the GPS, mainly the stone fire rings people have setup over the years. Also checked out side trails since the trails were muddy before it froze.

Gave me a good idea if something was used recently. Plus the off reading crowd are also up in here, so anytime I saw truck tire tracks, then I’d follow it. Crossed a pack of riders and found a spot to make some lunch. I hauled out the OG firebox stove to cook up a foil pack meal (Taco Taters) and some tea to warm me up.

Day two – Yamaha Viking Joins A New Route

Had a riding partner this day, this time we opted for new route where we started from the same spot as Day one, but followed the rails to trails to Hubbard and took the trail under the 103 and up towards the Ellerhouse windmills.

The trail was had sections of rock and sand, which made it interesting. I cracked my right fender flare while crossing the bridge, I forget that I’m a few inches wider than the 60” now with them on. We found a fantastic camp site for lunch, and I guess it is the only spot as a group of none machines came to join us. We had a fire going, so a few came over to chat and warm up for a bit. They were doing a 100km loop, we did a 65km loop on that day.

The little bit of snow made the trail a bit smoother so we could make up any lost time in the rough sections. This loop I prefer doing in winter as during normal times, it looked to be fairly muddy.

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