What’s In Your Pack – Episode 3

In this episode of What’s In Your Pack, we look at multi-tools and headwear! Specifically a Victorinox Trekker and Buff Headwear.

Jim & Todd talked about their gear, unfortunately we didn’t get to include a few more people due to tech issues.

The purpose of this hangout is to pull out an item from our pack and just talk about it.


1:11 Victorinox Trekker Multi-Tool

3:09 Can you open a can with it?

4:15 The Awl doesn’t have a hole so you can’t stitch

5:07 Why switch from Leatherman?

6:15 The specs

6:53 Counting grams for backpacking 15lbs vs 40lbs

7:50 Leatherman Rebar a good option?

10:00 Leatherman Wingman a cheaper option?

11:05 But pliers are a good thing to have at camp

12:32 Buff multi-purpose Headwear

13:37 Buff better than a bandana?

14:04 legionnaire for head protection

14:26 scarf as neck protection

14:33 face mask protection

14:37 balaclava for head protection

14:48 wristband

15:00 headband

15:10 even beanie mode for colder

16:15 even comes in merino wool

17:00 3M reflective strip for running or cyclists

17:32 polar version with fleece extension

19:50 Even the non-brand name version works well

20:50 Perfect EDC item?

21:10 Tuck a buff into a Tilley hat pocket

22:00 Closing comments.