All-In-One Coffee Brewer Kit For Camping – Cafflano Klassic

I wasn’t feeling the love with the various outdoor systems out there and I wanted something nicer that would be more than just for backpacking.

So I found this Cafflano Klassic all-in-one pour over coffee maker at my local hipster coffee shop, but your can find it also at large outdoor stores like Mountain Equipment Co-op, Amazon and other retailers.

You have 4 pieces to this kit: double wall cup, steel mesh coffee filter, coffee mill with ceramic grinder and a water reservoir with spout to pour your water.

The coffee mill is adjustable by simply removing the handle and turning the disc, you will see the ceramic grinder increase or decrease in distance between each other.

The process is easy. Use the cup, filter and grinder and pour coffee beans into the mill. Grind the coffee into the coffee filter. Once done, unscrew the coffee mill and start pouring the water into the filter.

I’ve found that the little spout in the water reservoir is just at the right amount to properly get your coffee grounds to release the goodness. I tried using the kettle and it didn’t do a good job IMO.

Once done filtering your coffee, simply lift the filter and place it into the reservoir and you are ready to drink the coffee. Now the size of cup is more like a restaurant and not a mug of coffee. However, it does not take long to brew a fresh cup provided you have a kettle with plenty of hot water.

Overall, I think this Cafflano Klassic is great for the road, camping, cottage and other excuse to have coffee.