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  • Truck Camping With Kodiak Canvas Truck Tent

    During our research for a new family camping tent, I looked at a few options where you pitch your tent over your truck bed. It looked interesting but we passed on it and bought the Kodiak Canvas Cabin Tent – which for family camping was a good choice. However, there are times during the shoulder […]

  • 5 Tips to Keep Your Camping Gear Dry

    Hiking in the rain is enjoyable for many reasons. The plants and grass look greener, insects come out of the ground and attract birds, and the trails are less crowded. On the flipside, you have to take care to ensure that you and your gear don’t get wet. Use these tips to stay dry and […]

  • Family Camping With Kodiak Canvas Cabin Tent

    If You Don’t Want To Buy a Tent Trailer At the end of last summer, our faithful dome tent of nine years finally told us it was time to retire and look for a new tent. The tent, Chinook Twin Peaks Guide 6 was a great tent for the east coast and there were three […]

  • DECKED Storage System For Your Truck

    I got the DECKED storage system for my F150 truck as a way to get some storage but keep my truck bed open and not install a tonneau cover or truck cab. The install process is identical to the videos you see from DECKED with a few exceptions for the F150 or Tacoma where the […]

  • All-In-One Coffee Brewer Kit For Camping – Cafflano Klassic

    I wasn’t feeling the love with the various outdoor systems out there and I wanted something nicer that would be more than just for backpacking. So I found this Cafflano Klassic all-in-one pour over coffee maker at my local hipster coffee shop, but your can find it also at large outdoor stores like Mountain Equipment […]

  • Chinook Twin Peaks Guide 6 Tent Review

    After nine good years as our primary family camping tent, it’s time to retire the Chinook Twin Peaks Guide 6 tent. At time of recording, the tent is still available on Amazon as such I recommend it as a great budget tent for a young family of four or couple that want a lot of […]

  • How We Got Back Into Family Car Camping

    [info_message style=”info”]This post will be updated as we do more trips and upgrade our gear as we go along![/info_message] We haven’t done any car camping in several years, I had gone down the path of hammock camping and rustic camping with the boys for the last few years. This summer, we wanted to do more […]

  • The Cabins At Daicey Pond in Baxter State Park

    I grew up only 2 hours from this state park, albeit across the Canadian border, but I would look out the window as we drove down I-95 to visit family in Portland & Rhode Island every Christmas. The snow peak of Mount Katahdin was like a mystery. Later in life a big regret was to […]

  • Deep Dish Pizza In A Dutch Oven With Yippee IPA

    We try out a deep dish pizza using the cast iron dutch oven. We got two parts to this: the crust & toppings to prepare. I tried to get everything done in the dutch oven, but you’ll need a few bowls. The dough is pretty simple and can be made after you’ve lit the coals.

  • Dutch Oven Chili and Stowaway IPA

    Here’s a great base chili that you can augment to your taste/heat. We were camping in Maine and decided that this would provide a great meal. This will feed up to 6 people and cost a little over 20$ to gather all of the groceries.