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  • Dutch Oven Chili and Stowaway IPA

    Here’s a great base chili that you can augment to your taste/heat. We were camping in Maine and decided that this would provide a great meal. This will feed up to 6 people and cost a little over 20$ to gather all of the groceries.

  • Poison Ivy Falls

    We take a tour deep in the backcountry in Kejimkujik National Park towards an area of the park called Poison Ivy Falls.

  • Graves Island Provincial Park

    Quick video on the new walking trail that was built in 2011 at Graves Island Provincial Park. I’ve done some research on the island, and sharing the text I’ve used to create an earth cache.

  • Tent Alternative at Amherst Shore

    (Originally published in 2010) At some point along my hiking career, I will be attempting more and more back country hikes and the odd overnight in the back country. Over the last three years, I started to transition from the world of tent camping to the new & exciting world of hammock camping. The advent…

  • Hammock Camping – (Silnylon) Tarp & Knots

    Hammock Camping – (Silnylon) Tarp & Knots

    In this video, I will show you the current setup for the 2011 season. From my previous video, I showed you the marlin spike & whoopie sling for hanging the hammock.

  • Leave No Trace Principles

    Leave No Trace Canada is a national non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and inspiring responsible outdoor recreation through education, research and partnerships. Leave No Trace builds awareness, appreciation and respect for our wildlands. When geocaching, try to apply as many of the principles as much as possible. Source: http://www.leavenotrace.ca