Hammock Camping – (Silnylon) Tarp & Knots

In this video, I will show you the current setup for the 2011 season. From my previous video, I showed you the marlin spike & whoopie sling for hanging the hammock.

I’ll be using the Silicone (silnylon) guides tarp available from mountain equipment co=op (MEC) in Canada. I haven’t seen an equivalent item at the other outdoor stores and at the same price.

This tarp is very effective to provide hammock camping winter door, to block the wind, but yet provide some good ventilation.

I’ve placed the ridgeline and used the alpine or butterfly or lineman’s hitch knot to tighten the line then placed the tarp over it. I then used prusik knots to add tension to the tarp. A very easy method when you can’t be center between the trees.

I tied the guylines using a marlen spike, but with 2mm cord, it looked a lot like a slipknot. I used S-biners from nite-ize to close the ends. I could use another 2 lines, the add tension to the doors, or at least at one end.

Once done, the tarp packs nicely into its stuff sack. I left the guylines (2mm cord) and prusik lines (3mm cord) attached to the tarp to make setup even faster next time.

MEC silicone Guides Tarp

Weight: 768g

Long a favourite of MEC members, this versatile tarp has been reincarnated in an extraordinary nylon fabric, silicone-coated on both sides.

The removable stuff sack can be placed on a staff, paddle, or ski pole to use as an internal support. Or the tarp can be suspended from the corresponding outside loop. Both the stuff sack attachment and the outside suspension loop are slightly off the midpoint of the tarp’s long axis to allow you to rig it pyramid-style, with a leftover panel of fabric for a floor or a wind-breaking wall.

Thanks to the thoughtfully placed line attachment points, additional set-up options are limited only by your cunning and imagination. Possible configurations include the A-frame, or hung corner-to-corner to make a diagonal ridgeline.

Fits two or more people.
Dimensions are 2.9 x 3.9m.
Made of silicone-coated nylon.
The side attachment points are set into triangular Cordura® patches that both provide reinforcement and direct the lines of tension for minimum bagging when rigged.
Packed size of 22 x 31cm.

$99.00 CAD