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  • Hammock Camping Knots – Which Ones To Use?

    Which knots to use when hammock camping? That’s a great question. You can use a variety of knots when hammock camping, but it really depends on your hammock camping system. In this post, I’ll go over the knots that I’ve used when hammock camping with my ENO Single Nesthammock. So let’s go over the components.…

  • Hammock Camping Suspension Webbing (water & clove hitch knots)

    Hammock Camping Suspension Webbing (water & clove hitch knots)

    Quick video compare against the ENO slap strap and how to use regular webbing, a steel ring and 2 knots (water knot & clove hitch) to get the same result when trying to hang your hammock.

  • Tent Alternative at Amherst Shore

    (Originally published in 2010) At some point along my hiking career, I will be attempting more and more back country hikes and the odd overnight in the back country. Over the last three years, I started to transition from the world of tent camping to the new & exciting world of hammock camping. The advent…

  • Hammock Camping – (Silnylon) Tarp & Knots

    Hammock Camping – (Silnylon) Tarp & Knots

    In this video, I will show you the current setup for the 2011 season. From my previous video, I showed you the marlin spike & whoopie sling for hanging the hammock.