Hammock Camping Knots – Which Ones To Use?

Which knots to use when hammock camping?

That’s a great question. You can use a variety of knots when hammock camping, but it really depends on your hammock camping system. In this post, I’ll go over the knots that I’ve used when hammock camping with my ENO Single Nesthammock. So let’s go over the components. Make sure you add your two cents in the comments as this guide is what I use and there are many options.

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Knots to Use For a Ridgeline to Hang a Tarp.

One of the great things about hammock camping is that you can customize your system, and for me that is mostly in the tarp area. It is a vital component to protect you from the rain, wind and even snow. So the knots used here are important to know and tie well. For types of tarps I’ve used; I switch between a Hennessey Hex tarpand a 10’x 8′ Sil nylon Guide Tarp with storm doors.

I like to setup a ridgeline and hang my tarp underneath it. For this, I use an alpine hitch or butterfly knot to get my line nice and tight and prussic knots to tie my tarp and tension/move as necessary.

Knots to Use to Tie Your Hammock Around a Tree

I have two ENO single nest hammock, one that is modified with whoopie slingsand an “out of the box” version. If I take out the unmodified hammock, I usually bring either some ENO straps or my own webbing to wrap around the tree. Some of the knots I use with these two configuration are: water knot, clove hitch & marlin spike hitch.

There you go! Some of the knots I’ve used when out hammock camping. If you have your own system with a different set of knots, leave them in the comments below!