Big Spruce – Tip of The Spear

It was Halifax Seaport Seafest weekend, and Jeremy from Big Spruce Brewery brought down 2 growlers of the “Tip of the Spear” Spruce Beer for us to try out.

We had originally tasted spears104 spruce beer and found out that a bottle made it’s way to Big Spruce where they made their version by collaborating with this homebrewer.

The used 2 row from Quebec and spring time black spruce tip and loads of hops. 1.5kg to be exact. The spruce taste is quite mellow, the hops didn’t quite come out. We understood what Big Spruce was trying to do with this one. As it is, it’s a very easy drinking, subtle spruce and light sweetness from the malt at 5% ABV. We are pretty sure that the next version will be closer to what the original vision.