#FridayNightHangout August 22 2014






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  1. stagunner Avatar

    ok  i am here

  2. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    Hey gang, I may open my growler of Regatta Red I picked up at Big Spruce in Nova Scotia yesterday afternoon before I got on the ferry home.

  3. thecyr Avatar

    Bluefin 774 do it!!! 😉

  4. stagunner Avatar

    i already did it

  5. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    The moose in Newfoundland are not native. They were brought in in 1904 from Maine i believe. Our Moose population is thriving….not good for drivers on the highways.

  6. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    The Big Spruce Regatta Red is very nice beer. I’m glad I found the store.

  7. stagunner Avatar

    Bluefin 774 good  we like it

  8. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    Very poor timing for a guy to dress up like that with very authentic looking guns. What was he expecting ? Most air guns have red coloured tips. Seems like he was looking for trouble.

  9. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    The Regatta Red is going well I guess. That was the only selection available there yesterday. I should just finish off the mini growler.

    Nurses deserve every penny they make. That is a very hard job.

  10. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    Great show tonight gang as always. When does the regular weekly schedule start. Can`t wait to go to bed tonight. The mini growler is empty and my 900 km drive  across the province has me beat.