#FridayNightHangout November 28 2014


  • What we are drinking tonight

INREACH CANADA – Check out their holiday promo when activating a new inreach device.
TRAIL SHOP – Open on Sundays until XMAS, and Anniversary sale is on now.
PICAROONS – Winter warmer will be available in PEI
LADIES BEER LEAGUE – Next event on december 14th for a brunch and beer at Stillwell and Tatamagouche Brewing

*CONTEST GIVEAWAY WINNER- Sponsored by Keysmart – Congrats to Steve K *

NORTH BREWING – Belgian Milk Stout is available in bottles and on tap at Smiling Goat!
GARRISON BREWING- Winter Warmer is out now in 6-packs
HELL BAY – CHOCOLATE 6% Wheat Ale is out and available at the brewery and selected restaurants
SEA LEVEL – Porter is out now!





0 responses to “#FridayNightHangout November 28 2014”

  1. stagunner Avatar

    is there anybody out there

  2. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    Hey gang, I’m still offshore this week so I am having an ice cold glass of chocolate milk.

  3. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    Jim, the Avoiding Chores are looking great.

  4. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    Does anyone know if Picaroons will be sending Winter Warmer to Newfoundland again this year ?

  5. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    Good to see the hats will be locally produced too.

  6. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    It must be strange for the reporters at CBC to be reporting on an ex-friend or co-worker. It was very noticeable that he was surrounded by a female lawyer staff. It is going to be  a very awful circus for the victims involved.

  7. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    I only saw a quick clip of the trailer for Star Wars. It looks promising. The Original three movies were the best, the newer three were not as good but the one with Jar Jar Binks was terrible!

  8. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    Great show again tonight gang, see you all next week.