#FridayNightHangout October 17 2014

Join us live by grabbing a drink and go over some of the news items from the past week from Halifax Nova Scotia and beyond with the panel. This is an interactive #hangoutsonair where we take viewer comments via YouTube, google+, twitter and https://avoidingchores.com






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  1. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    Hey gang, 

    I’m at work tonight so I’m just having a glass of water. Wishing I could be trying out some of the new pumpkin beer that Nova Scotia is offering this fall. I do have a full keg of pumpkin beer at home for when I get there.

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  3. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    Re: Maine to Nova Scotia ferry. 26 million seems like quite a large investment for Nova Scotia. What is the return to Nova Scotia ?  Jim, Buckley’s tastes awful but it does work.

  4. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    The Nocturne festival sounds very interesting.

  5. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    With all the streaming services available now I think that the regular tv channels are going to be endangered in a few years.

  6. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    With the storm coming, the rigs will take some people off the floating rigs if needed. They can also disconnect from the wells. We on Hibernia can’t move or disconnect so we just make sure everything is secure out on the decks. Last January we had a winter storm with 15 metre waves and wind speeds of 196 KPH. It was wild.

  7. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    I’m lucky with my mail, I still get home delivery. I would miss home delivery but would get used to it. My parents live in my downstairs apartment and they love the home delivery, It is great for them.

  8. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    Re coffee mouse. Most of these “items” in food usually tend to be a hoax. You would think it may taste a little “off” too.

  9. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    Is someone trying  to sabotage a certain farm ? What sick person would do this type of thing ?

  10. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    I enjoy the time machine segment. Hibernia produced first oil in November 1997……Great show again tonight gang, see you all next week.