#FridayNightHangout September 19 2014

Join us live by grabbing a drink and go over some of the news items from the past week from Halifax Nova Scotia and beyond with the panel. This is an interactive #hangoutsonair where we take viewer comments via YouTube, google+, twitter and https://avoidingchores.com


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  1. stagunner Avatar

    ok I am here

  2. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    Hey Gang, I’m home tonight for the hangout….that means I finally get to enjoy a cold beer. Tonight I will be drinking a Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery Hoptical Illusion Almost Pale Ale it is 5% ABV. The Label says it comes from Barrie, Ontario, Canada, Earth, Milky Way, The Universe, Infinity.

    It is quite hoppy, I like it.

  3. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    It is getting a bit chilly to run around naked. If they can’t tell if it is a man or woman it must be really cold !

  4. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    It was great to see a big turnout in the Scottish vote. I was sort of hoping they would be independent. It is time for the British Empire to end in my opinion. It would be a tangle if Scotland had left. At least they voted.

  5. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    It’s really hard to believe those albums are 20 years old….WOW !

  6. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    The airlines are getting greedy with the fares and extra charges. If you want to guarantee a seat with Air Canada it costs $ 15.00 plus tax.

    On another note guys…great show as always