#FridayNightHangout September 26 2014

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  1. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    Hey gang,

    Tonight I will be  a Canon Doppelbock Lager from Les Brasseurs RJ Inc. in Montreal. This one comes in at 7.6 % ABV. I picked this up last month when I was in Quebec. I will update you later on how I find it.

  2. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    When I was at the NLC yesterday I saw some Garrison Raspberry Wheat beer. I didn’t get it because I have too much beer in my fridge now. I picked up a lot of different beer on my trip to Ontario last month.  Have you guys tried the Raspberry Wheat yet ?

  3. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    I’m trying to finish this Canon Doppelbock  beer…I’m not really enjoying this one. It is very strong with a burning whiskey aftertaste to me. Next up is my newest home brew….Pale Ale. I tapped that keg earlier this week. It turned out very nice.

  4. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    I think we should all slow down in residential areas. My brother moved to Victoria BC last year. First when he got there it drove him nuts at how slow everyone was driving. Now a year later he just accepts the slower driving and says it is much more relaxing.

  5. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    Hey Jim, I was speaking to Roger earlier this week about all grain or brew in a bag. I’m leaning to that soon. I’m thinking about building a small 6 x 6 brew shed to go all grain. I noticed you had a new wort chiller. The brew in a bag sounds interesting.

  6. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    Hoppy but not bitter beer are great. I love the Muskoka Detour beer, very hoppy but still light tasting. Going to Ontario again in about 1o days time for some work related training. I will have to drink up some Detour then.

  7. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    The Inreach is obviously working for people. it seems like a lot of rescues but there are a lot more people getting out there now. at least there is a safety net now.

  8. KeithElliott Avatar

    Drininhg pitchderz braapp0h

  9. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    I was thinking of the brew shed for boiling the wort in. Years ago when I did the can kits, the smell drove my wife cracked. I would just boil the wort on a big propane burner in the shed. In the summer, I would have access to water. I would put a rope hoist like you can get at Canadian Tire in the rafters to lift the heavy grain bag.

  10. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    Jim we can’t see you anymore

  11. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    Great show again tonight guys see you next week.

  12. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    I would watch a brew session.

  13. Bluefin 774 Avatar
    Bluefin 774

    I’ve just been doing single stage in the plastic bucket for three to five weeks. I gave up transferring to the carboy.