Long Lake Provincial Park

We decided to take a quick hike within Long Lake provincial park. It is used mainly by the locals as an off-leash dog park, with with outdoor activities located within it.

We did a quick loop, since there are a multitude of footpath and can be confusing.

However you can go and explore the area for many hours with multiple access points. The only downside is that there is no real parking lots.

You can read more about the management plan of the park.

the 2,095 hectare Long Lake Provincial Park contains a relatively natural landscape which includes three lakes, a diversity of natural habitats and cultural features and provides opportunities for a range of nature-based outdoor recreation experiences. The property was designated under the Parks Act in 1984 and is managed by the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Although protected by legislation for almost twenty-five years, no facilities or services have been provided.

Despite the lack of amenities, public use of Long Lake Provincial Park has increased significantly in recent years. With this growing use has come increased demands for the provision of facilities and services. In addition, park values are being compromised, particularly through the establishment of a large number of ad hoc trails and the lack of trail maintenance.


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The beauty of Long Lake Provincial Park lies not only in the nature and sense of being in the wilderness, but also in its location that is a 15 minute drive from downtown Halifax. Nestled quietly behind Exhibition Park, Bayers Lake Industrial Park, and a parking lot off of the Bay Road from the Rotary, Long Lake offers plenty of places to explore.

There are no services, and the trails are not maintained or marked, which is a good thing for adventuresome hikers, as there are plenty of “off-path” opportunities, but be sure to keep track of where you are going. It can be easy to go in circles, and you’ll want to avoid this, as it is a large area, and you should explore as much of it as possible.

Long Lake is a very popular spot for people to walk their dogs and as such you may come across some mess along the main paths. The park is one of the city’s off-leash dog park projects, and it seems that a few irresponsible dog owners aren’t cleaning up after their pets. Once you stray from the main paths you are rewarded with all kinds of great finds, whether its a rock you have never seen before, a nice lakeside view, unique vegitation, or spotting a bird you wouldn’t normally see in the city. Long Lake contains what used to be a farm settlement as well as the remains of a road from the 1800s.