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  • Fitbit Alta – How To Tutorials

    The fitbit Alta is a more stylish option than the fitbit Charge, not only allowing you to change wrsit band but provides the usual amount of features you’d expect from a daily fitness tracker. In addition to the daily tracking, silent alarms & clock – you have the additional features such as: Reminder To Move;…

  • Fitbit Flex Tutorials

    The Fitbit flex is your activity and sleep wristband that you can pair with your iOS or Android smartphone. We have produced a number of short fitbit flex tutorial videos that help you get started with your new device.

  • Fitbit Charge How To Tutorials

    Here are some short video tutorials on how you maximize your usage with the Fitbit Charge activity tracker. Contents How to Reboot or Reset Setup Device using Computer Exercise Mode for Indoor Workouts How to Setup with iPhone Customize Display Settings Call Notifications Silent Alarms Manual You can download the Fitbit Charge manual here. [content_box][mc4wp_form…