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  • Garmin fenix 3 HR Tutorials

    You’ll find below your comprehensive guide on using the Garmin fenix 3 HR. You will find short tutorials videos, links to manuals and general impressions of the watch. General Review – After a few days I upgraded from the original fenix model and first off; it’s a bit thinner but same diameter. Just like the […]

  • Weather Forecasting Using Your GPS Barometer

    Weather Forecasting Using Your GPS Barometer

    We will look at how you can use the barometer sensor in your GPS device to help you do a little bit of weather forecasting while out in the wilderness. If you have a recent GPS device with an electronic compass, odds are that you also have an Altimeter-Barometer. Which mean that you probably can […]

  • Garmin fenix Tutorials

    Garmin fenix Tutorials

    Satellite Page In this video we will look at the Satellite page on the Garmin fenix / tactix. When you press the ORANGE button and select START GPS. The outer ring will be your primary indicator of satellite acquisition. However, you want more information about the satellites and reception, you can view the satellite page, […]

  • Charging up Devices Before & During a Hike

    Charging up Devices Before & During a Hike

    It happens that when you are driving out to a trailhead for a hike, you may forget to charge up all of your devices. This video is about how you can top up your devices while driving and in the field. Here I have my typical devices; garmin fenix, delorme inreach explorer and iPhone 5s. […]