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  • 30 Minute Hike – Coastal Hike Along Clam Harbour – Nova Scotia

    It’s November and no better time to hit the beach and hike along rugged Atlantic Ocean coastline in Clam Harbour Provincial Park. Park up to the gate (if it’s closed) and simply walk in as parking lots are not maintained in the winter but the road up to the gate are maintained. Start by walking…

  • Nova Scotia Hiking Trail Guide

    By Jim Cyr ISBN: 9780986653421 (iBooks) ISBN: 9780986653438 (ePub) Category: Travel/ Canada/ Atlantic Provinces (NB, NF, NS, PE), Hiking The eBook is available in two editions. iOS multi-touch for iPad ePub, optimized for iPhone users   Get It Now For Your e-Reader [pricing_table style=”standard” pricing_item=”3755″ columns=”3″]   Explore Nova Scotia’s hiking trails with this trail guide.…

  • West Dover aka Land of Confusion

    West Dover aka Land of Confusion

    We drove out to Peggy’s Cove to check out a designated Provincial Park in West Dover to explore the trails known as “The land of confusion”.

  • Willard S. Boyle Monument

    Willard S. Boyle Monument

    This is the Willard S. Boyle Monument that started to take shape late in the fall of 2011.    

  • Ticks and Lyme disease in Nova Scotia

    Ticks and Lyme disease in Nova Scotia

    Ticks in Nova Scotia Widespread in the Eastern US. In Canada, it has been collected in Ontario, Quebec, and all Atlantic provinces. In Image – Top: nymph, Blacklegged ticks. Bottom: dog ticks.