Wallace to Leicester NS Side by Side Ride

I hauled up the Side by Side and paid a visit to my buddy Keith up in the Tatamagouche area of Nova Scotia for a ride along the trails.

If I was going solo, I would have unloaded at Tatamagouche Train Station trailhead, which is a large lot that hosts a trans canada trail kiosk and is generally very popular multi-use trail from here up to Pugwash.

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But today, I started at Wallace about 18km from Tatamagouche en route to Oxford where we were planning to find a spot for lunch. So we were not sure how far to head out until we needed to turn around.

Overall Route Description

We first crossed over the Wallace train bridge which offres some greats sights and has a rich history from the sandstone quarries and local talent. There are a few unloading spots along this section of trail, but other wise you will find this to be a wooded rail to trail that is well maintained but does not have many turn off to stops or other views.

Once we approach Oxford, we will ride on the old station rd. You will cross another unloading zone & kiosk. From here we’ll find ourselves parallel the 104 highway where we cross a bridge and go under the overpass. We have a side trail where you can re-fuel either at Irving, Tims or Subway.

We follow the trail until we hit a logging road and can reach Springhill or go along snowmobile route 104 towards Leicester shelter which is where we opted to stop for lunch and stretched our legs. This was a 100km ride that took about 4 hours to complete.

I consider this a grade 2 out of 5 in terms if difficulty as we are on rails to trails most of the way and with some elevation with loose rocks or water crossings. Meaning you can do this solo without getting stuck.