Can-Am 2022 Defender DPS HD7 4 Month Review

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When I started shopping for a side by side, I wanted something that I could use everyday either for work or play. And I am not disappointed in my decision. The Can-Am defender helps a lot around the house as we have lots to do in terms of cleanup and landscaping. It also a great trail riding machine.

I am out on the trail in the Mersey Bowater crown land with my side by side and I stopped for a bit of lunch and to give my 4 month review on the Can-Am 2022 Defender DPS HD7 .

Since the Can-Am Defender has 19 trim levels, this vehicle can do a lot including getting in the mud. That’s one thing I tend not to do since I usually ride by myself but I’m sure I will get muddy regardless.

The main feedback I get when I ride with passengers is how comfortable the ride is, allowing them to ride for a few hours and the overall engine noise level which allows you to talk without the need of radios or other.

Big advantage of the Can-Am Defender are the storage options both inside the cab and in the bed. Depending on your load-out, you can bring a lot for whatever work or play activity. I tend to carry a gear bin which was the gear I kept in the truck for truck camping, so I was able to take most of it for the side by side. I also adding a tool kit, air compressor, tire repair and recovery kit.

I have not run into any engine issues or other mechanical problems so far and at the time of recording I had about 400kms of riding with a top speed of 82 km/h.

Things I like About 2022 Can-Am Defender

  • For work and trail
  • Quiet
  • Comfortable
  • Storage Capacity
  • Customization with Accessories based on activity
  • Wide range of trim levels and options

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